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Love at first sight: the red shoes

Powerful. Sexy. Important. Cultural. Girlish. Spicy. Stylish. Cool. Amazing. Shocking. Scandalous. Stunning. Artistic. Extraordinary. Yes, exactly. These words remind me how a red shoe would be.
Red shoe means also love, eroticism, energy and prestige. Red makes us feel sexy, trendy and perfect at the same time. It is a fact that every woman must have a pair of red shoes in her closet. Isn’t it?I discovered that the red shoes have a great history and they were used by Roman senators, then by emperor exclusively! From the thirteen century the Popes also started to wear red shoes and then Louis XIV used to wear his red shoes as the symbol of the divine right of the king.

In the past the red shoes were also considered as a status symbol probably because of the special materials they were made by (silk, leather, precious gems..).Today we all use them and we all know that a pair of red shoes gives us definitely a touch of light and personalises our look making it precious: we won’t surely pass unnoticed!I love to put on a red pump with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a blazer or a pair of cool ballerinas with a floral mini dress. I like running with my red sneakers and my grey hoodie but also to wear a polka dot dress and a red sandal to go out with my friends! Here’s the RED selection! 

                                                                                                     MIU MIU
                                                                                        CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
                                                                                                   ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
                                                                                              GIANVITO ROSSI
                                                                                                   JIMMY CHOO
                                                                                                      MARC JACOBS