Unusual week-end in Bologna

Bologna is one of my favourite places in Italy! When I am there I feel at home and I really love to walk around, with nothing to do,  stopping by lovely Caffè Letterario just to have a good cappuccino with a special Bolognese cherry pie!  Last time in Bologna I went to see a beautiful exhibition by Arturo Martini,  a great italian sculptor born in 1889. If you are interested in arts I recommend a visit: amazing exhibition, beautiful location. Then it could be very pleasant to have some shopping in the old town in San Felice street, in the middle of a lot of marvelous shops just like Tassinari, a great shoe store in town! I never leave Bologna without a stroll in Piazza Maggiore:  the square of my dreams, full of bikes, people, cafès and restaurants with local food! It literally leaves you breathless! I am in love with those beautiful cloisters and those small streets where you can hear only the sound of shoes hitting the pavement! Every time I walk across the square and go towards the pretty Clavature Street full of other trendy boutiques and amazing food shops!  I went to EATALY for lunch which is located in a charming concept store where books and good food create a good mix.  It was a great experience especially spending my afternoon in the bookshop between shoes-arts-design books and finally walking around this medieval city till late night. Never got tired of her,  just try it! 











Boutique in San Felice Street








2 responses to “Unusual week-end in Bologna

  1. Beautiful! Brings back memories..I lived not that far away in Varese for a few years xxxx

    • Very glad you like it! Good to know you lived in Italy! I am going to write other posts about a special project about the Venice Lagoon! Let’s keep in touch ;)!

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