Welcome to my blog! My name is Julie, I am Italian and I love to travel around the world to discover and taste different flavours. I grew up among shoes, designers, arts and fashion, learning to appreciate different forms of culture. Thus, I decided to study History of Arts and Design, and worked at a Design School for several years.

One day, sipping a cup of tea with my dearest friends suddenly became the ultimate inspiration when I started telling them a random story about shoes. They started asking questions about shoes’ design, fashion, shoemaking techniques, trends and more and more and more! That day I realized that what I really felt was not only a passion about all sort of shoes – common to all girls – but also the expertise I developed over the thanks to my family’s professional background, my job and my real life experiences.

Honestly, I have never considered anything in my life without thinking about shoes, that’s why I decided to start this blog dedicated to this great, iconic, amazing, mad world. Shoes are the first thing I look at when I meet people, I am curious and I think a shoe can say a lot about you! Remember that a good shoe is a form of high design and quality as well as a special fashion accessory that can really change your appearance. 

Ginger and Trends is my notebook and represents my choices of style, with my personal touch and my point of view.  Hope you will enjoy it! Good shoes to you all! 


Contact me @: gingerandtrends@gmail.com

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