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No Birkenstock allowed


Birkenstocks shoes: why are you having this success right now? I really feel astonished. I waited for a long time before talking about it.. maybe my opinion could have changed.. but now I know it is not just a temporary repulsion for me.  The more I see them all around, the more I am convinced that I  don’t want to wear it absolutely!  What I really can’t understand is why a piece like this has had this success, because you all can confirm that it is obviously ugly, first of all, besides the fact that this kind of footwear can’t enhance any girls finally! Miranda Kerr included. In the end they are slippers. Just slippers. Ergonomic slippers, not really refined. And the variations in paint, laminate, striped or floral certainly do not help the trend. For me they are out.

Surely the fashion system can do wonders in promoting and disseminating pieces which aren’t always special but I think there are limits that are derived from the aesthetic sense of each of us. I’ll try to explain my theory, but I won’t be categorical, since we all have our tastes and we all love or hate something in particular. Someone could love them…

I just think that this kind of shoes -made ​​in Germany-  aren’t as versatile as they say, in addition they aren’t exactly cheap and also they don’t value the physique of all the women wearing them: they don’t enhance the feet and they don’t give a good appearance!  We saw them on beautiful models, actresses and fashion bloggers and maybe that’s what makes them trendy pieces. I don’t know about you but.. I have to find yet a perfect outfit for these strange shoes .. I guess I won’t find it ever!  No Birkenstocks for me, thank you!

P.S. guess what if these beautiful girls below would wear another pair of shoes..!

Kisses, Julie





birke 1





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