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The new made in Italy: eco-friendly shoes with a touch of style


Some times ago I had an interview with the Sales Manager of this Italian factory, I still cannot tell you the name of the brand because it is a preview, but, I discovered these shoes and they look great on the shelves but also at my feet so I really need to share with you this! And perhaps.. next winter.. could be  great to collect some pairs!


Right now I can say that this is an artisanal collection made by an Italian factory located in the Footwear District near Venice, known all over the world for the production of luxury and hand-made shoes. I will give you more details in my next posts!

The factory was born in 1947 so they gained a lot of experience and they never stopped and this new collection is very interesting. The real aim is to create a sporty but elegant shoe without any accessories, just giving a masculine look not too elegant but very sophisticated.  This is a luxury shoe because it has been made by artisans and experts with the hand-made technique. A very high quality product I can say, since I saw and tried on every piece!



The aim of the designers of this collection is to enhance the shapes of each shoe with clean lines and pure styles. The main pieces of the collection are the ankle boots with different kind of heels. Decolletees are not included. I love the chelsea boots, very versatile and super trendy with that vintage mood.  The main effort is to work ok the last’s shapes and on the heels height to create the distinguishing feature of the brand.



The men’s collection is very stylish but also very classic and chic with natural leather and also personalized shoelaces.



One line of this collection is Black&white. This style have had a lot of success in Tokyo during the last shoe fair and it is a vintage line, with not too classic attitude, but strong design and good materials.




So, the brand philosophy is to create a natural product ( this means they only use natural tanned calf leahters with no prints! and no processes! and other eco materials) in order to give an high quality shoe with a hand made manufacturing and a perfect result. The price of the samples is not too high if you consider that each piece is refined by hand.



See how the leather is pure and consider that the boot is seamless! Don’t you think this is an art work?


Essential shapes, clear colors, vintage touch and eco-friendly minds: these are the key words to get in this world! Hope you will enjoy this,  guys!  Stay tuned for other shoes news!   Julie

Trend alert: studded shoes by Christian Louboutin


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Shoes adventures at MICAM 2014


To all footwear lovers, MICAM is THE temple of any sort of shoes where to admire in advance what kind of shoes you will wear next year! MICAM is one of my favourite fashion dates of the season in order to visit old friends, discover new companies with new collections and try on a lot of new shoes, always checking new trends. Walking between the stands, interviewing buyers and designers I met beautiful people and saw beautiful shoes.

During this edition I was a guest at some stands and I really want to thank my dear friends from the Japanese Pavilion! They are always great, very kind and it is a great pleasure to spend some time with them during the fair between innovative shoes and a sushi party!







The team of Saint Honorè Paris gave me a warm welcome at their stand with sweet cream puffs, their nice press release placed in an orange envelope and a cute present!! Their shoes continue to be fresh-looking, pretty and cozy! And their staff are very professional and friendly!  




About 1.600 italian and foreign companies took part in this big shoe-fair which is one of the most famous in the world. I heard from online newspapers and blogs that the final results were not too thrilling because of the global situation but I am convinced that a lot of companies did their best to show us outstanding products, to get back into the game during these hard times. I am just thinking about the continuous renovation of the Italian company TU OGGI which created an eco-friendly collection made entirely of natural materials. 


However, in my opinion, this edition has been interesting if considering these trends of the moment:

– the focus on the values of craftsmanship, the recovery of the tradition of the artisan culture;

– the power of the eco-friendly trend, a new form of awareness which is involving more and more companies;

– the marked preference of high quality materials keeping good prices;

– the total look trend with a special focus on good quality shoes (Patrizia Pepe, Desigual..).