The new made in Italy: eco-friendly shoes with a touch of style


Some times ago I had an interview with the Sales Manager of this Italian factory, I still cannot tell you the name of the brand because it is a preview, but, I discovered these shoes and they look great on the shelves but also at my feet so I really need to share with you this! And perhaps.. next winter.. could be  great to collect some pairs!


Right now I can say that this is an artisanal collection made by an Italian factory located in the Footwear District near Venice, known all over the world for the production of luxury and hand-made shoes. I will give you more details in my next posts!

The factory was born in 1947 so they gained a lot of experience and they never stopped and this new collection is very interesting. The real aim is to create a sporty but elegant shoe without any accessories, just giving a masculine look not too elegant but very sophisticated.  This is a luxury shoe because it has been made by artisans and experts with the hand-made technique. A very high quality product I can say, since I saw and tried on every piece!



The aim of the designers of this collection is to enhance the shapes of each shoe with clean lines and pure styles. The main pieces of the collection are the ankle boots with different kind of heels. Decolletees are not included. I love the chelsea boots, very versatile and super trendy with that vintage mood.  The main effort is to work ok the last’s shapes and on the heels height to create the distinguishing feature of the brand.



The men’s collection is very stylish but also very classic and chic with natural leather and also personalized shoelaces.



One line of this collection is Black&white. This style have had a lot of success in Tokyo during the last shoe fair and it is a vintage line, with not too classic attitude, but strong design and good materials.




So, the brand philosophy is to create a natural product ( this means they only use natural tanned calf leahters with no prints! and no processes! and other eco materials) in order to give an high quality shoe with a hand made manufacturing and a perfect result. The price of the samples is not too high if you consider that each piece is refined by hand.



See how the leather is pure and consider that the boot is seamless! Don’t you think this is an art work?


Essential shapes, clear colors, vintage touch and eco-friendly minds: these are the key words to get in this world! Hope you will enjoy this,  guys!  Stay tuned for other shoes news!   Julie

No Birkenstock allowed


Birkenstocks shoes: why are you having this success right now? I really feel astonished. I waited for a long time before talking about it.. maybe my opinion could have changed.. but now I know it is not just a temporary repulsion for me.  The more I see them all around, the more I am convinced that I  don’t want to wear it absolutely!  What I really can’t understand is why a piece like this has had this success, because you all can confirm that it is obviously ugly, first of all, besides the fact that this kind of footwear can’t enhance any girls finally! Miranda Kerr included. In the end they are slippers. Just slippers. Ergonomic slippers, not really refined. And the variations in paint, laminate, striped or floral certainly do not help the trend. For me they are out.

Surely the fashion system can do wonders in promoting and disseminating pieces which aren’t always special but I think there are limits that are derived from the aesthetic sense of each of us. I’ll try to explain my theory, but I won’t be categorical, since we all have our tastes and we all love or hate something in particular. Someone could love them…

I just think that this kind of shoes -made ​​in Germany-  aren’t as versatile as they say, in addition they aren’t exactly cheap and also they don’t value the physique of all the women wearing them: they don’t enhance the feet and they don’t give a good appearance!  We saw them on beautiful models, actresses and fashion bloggers and maybe that’s what makes them trendy pieces. I don’t know about you but.. I have to find yet a perfect outfit for these strange shoes .. I guess I won’t find it ever!

No Birkenstocks for me, thank you!

Kisses, Julie

Care Birkenstock, come mai continuate ad avere tutto questo successo da un po’ di tempo a questa parte? Sono allibita! Ho aspettato un po’ per parlarne e capire se fosse solo una mia avversione passeggera ma adesso so che non è così. Più le vedo addosso agli altri e sulle riviste e più mi convinco che non le voglio assolutamente indossare.  Quello che davvero non capisco è come mai un pezzo del genere abbia tutto questo successo essendo evidentemente qualcosa di bruttino forte prima di tutto, oltre al fatto che questo tipo di calzature non valorizza minimamente nessuna! Miranda Kerr compresa! In fin dei conti sono ciabatte. Ciabatte ergonomiche non proprio raffinate.  E le varianti in vernice, in laminato, a righe o floreali non aiutano di certo. Per me sono out.

Sicuramente il sistema moda può fare miracoli nella promozione e diffusione di pezzi non sempre speciali ma io credo che ci siano dei limiti che derivano dal senso estetico di ciascuno di noi. Cercherò di spiegarvi la mia teoria ma non sarò categorica, in fin dei conti tutti noi abbiamo i nostri gusti e tutti noi amiamo o detestiamo qualcosa in particolare. A qualcuno potrebbero piacere…

Credo che questo genere di calzatura -made in Germany- non sia così versatile come dicono, non è proprio cheap e inoltre, non valorizza il fisico di chi le indossa (sto parlando al femminile!): non slancia,  non valorizza il piede e nel complesso non regala proprio un bell’aspetto!  Le abbiamo viste addosso a modelle, attrici e fashion blogger bellissime e forse è questo che le rende pezzi trendy. Nonostante questo.. non so voi ma io devo ancora trovare una mise perfetta per queste calzature strane.. mi sa che non la troverò mai!

No Birkenstock for me, thank you!

Baci, Julie





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